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  • January 24, 2019
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    Local 478 Website Update & New Content
    01/18/19 - Waco Firefighters
       Thanks for dropping by the website, we have some great news. We are currently in the process of updating and adding new content throughout the website, so please check back frequently and see for yourself. If any members have ideas for new features or content they would like to see, please email me and let me know.
    01/11/19 - IAFF Local 51
    Dear Members, We have a special election for State Rep. 79. L51 Executive Board has endorsed Dr. Michiel Noe for State Rep 79. Early voting begins Monday, Jan 14th and ends Jan 25th Election Day Jan 29th Remember to get out and vote.
    Mission Fire Fighter wins yet another round against TML
    12/28/18 - IAFF Local 3609
    Salinas said Tuesday that he is seeking $100,000 from the insurance carrier to assist in covering for four surgeries he underwent as part of his cancer treatment. At a February news conference, representatives with the TSAFF said Salinas was exposed to carcinogens as part of the hazards of his work as a firefighter that led to his cancer, and Chapter 607 of the Texas Government Code, known as the “presumptive statute,” ensures treatment of job-related illnesses. In a Monday news release, TSAFF announced that the Texas Department of Insurance appeals panel rejected TML’s denial of workers compensation insurance for Salinas’ kidney cancer treatment coverage. TDI Administrative Law Judge Julio Gomez, Jr. ordered TML Intergovernmental Risk Pool to pay for the denied medical care.
    12/14/18 - IAFF Local 3609
    Mission Fire Fighters are proud to announce we have partnered with Ranch House Burgers II-Mission, TX and Brick Fire Pizza & Inferno Patio Bar Las Doñas Restaurant to provide toys to boys and girls. You can also drop off toys at any Mission fire station. For further information message us or contact jbalderasmfd@yahoo.
    Annual Christmas Party
    12/01/18 - IAFF Local 51
    Local 51 would like to invite all of its members and families to attend our Annual Christmas Party.  Grab your favorite dessert and get to the FF's Hall on December 18 & 19 for food, drinks, raffles & pictures with Santa.
    City of Mission takes care of it's fire fighters
    11/14/18 - IAFF Local 3609
    We would like thank our city officials for taking care of its fire fighters at last night’s city council meeting. The Mission City council approved protective gear to allow fire fighters to have 2 sets to minimize the exposure to toxic gases and by reducing the risk of occupational cancer.
    11/13/18 - IAFF Local 51
    On October the 28th Lt. Rafael Rafolo Rodriguez passed away from cancer.  It's with a heavy heart that we share this news with you. Our prayers and thoughts are with the family and we wish them our condolences.   Please join us, Funeral Services  Mass at St. Mark's Catholic Church.  11700 Pebble Hills at Saul Kleinfeld.
    Civil Service Fire Dept workshop
    10/26/18 - IAFF Local 3609
    City council is expected to have a Fire Department workshop to discuss the increases to the seperation in gaps.  The city council have tentatively scheduled a workshop on November 5th at City hall.  Fire FIghters have been on edge since the council has been split on this issue.
    Mission Firefighter wins appeal against TML
    10/08/18 - IAFF Local 3609
    Mission Firefighter Wins Latest Round In Fight for Cancer Treatment Coverage Denied by Texas Municipal League AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 8, 2018 – Mission firefighter Homer Salinas prevailed in a contested hearing to appeal the TML Intergovernmental Risk Pool’s denial of workers compensation insurance coverage for his kidney cancer treatment, the Texas State Association of Fire Fighters (TSAFF) announced today. Ruling that Salinas “sustained a compensable injury, in the form of an occupational disease,” Texas Department of Insurance Administrative Law Judge Julio Gomez, Jr. ordered the insurer to pay for the denied coverage of medical care. The City of Mission has not announced whether it will appeal the ruling. Salinas said, “This ruling is a great step forward, but our fight is not over. We must ensure that no sick Texas firefighters will be forced to fight both cancer and insurance red tape. My family and I are grateful for the support of the Mission community and of firefighters around Texas.”
    Scholarship Recipient
    10/02/18 - IAFF Local 3609
    Mission Fire Fighters awarded Lupe Montoya a scholarship to attend UTSA.  We are proud to be able to assist Mr. Montoya and his family a scholarship to pursue his dreams. Mission Fire Fighters have continued to support those who want to advance their education.  Congratualtions to the Montoya family for all the hard work.  
    The Journey
    09/29/18 - IAFF Local 51
    Every Local Matters  Join us this Wednesday October 3, 2018 from 10 am to 2 pm as L51 celebrates 100 years!  IAFF District 11 VP Sandy McGhee will be here to present L51 and it’s members a commemorative plaque to celebrate the 100 year history!  Presentation will be at 10:30 followed by lunch.  Don’t miss this celebration.
    Fire Fighter Raul Montoya
    09/13/18 - IAFF Local 51
    Fire Fighter/ Paramedic Raul Montoya is a 16 year veteran for the El Paso Fire Department. On March 2018, Raul sought medical attention for gastrointestinal pains.   On September 6, 2018, he was diagnosed with Colo-Rectal cancer.  He is scheduled to initiate radiation therapy on September 17th in attempts to reduce the size of the malignant tumor.
    Mission Fire Fighters to receive 1,022,828 from safer grant to hire 9 fire fighters
    09/07/18 - IAFF Local 3609
    Today, the City of Mission Fire Department was notified that the staffing for adaquate fire & emergency response grant was awarded in the amount of 1,022,828.  The City of Mission had applied for this grant early this year to help fire fighters with the staffing to ensure they had the adaquate personnel to be safe on the fire ground.With this grant the fire fighters will now be able to maintain the national recommendation of 4 man engine companies. Mission City Council is expected to accept the award in the coming weeks
    Mission Fire Fighters Fill the boot days
    08/28/18 - IAFF Local 3609
    Mission Fire Fighters were presented a proclamation for Mission Fire Fighters Fill the boot days.  Mission Fire FIghters will be hitting the streets starting August 31-September 2, 2018 to raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy.  Over the past years Mission Fire Fighters have raised over 19,000 to find a cure for children and adults wo suffer from ALS. Today, Fire Fighters are committed than ever to accelerating to finding treatments and cures for muscle-debilitating diseases and helping kids and adults live longer and grow stronger.
    First Responders Suffer Too
    08/24/18 - Denton Fire Fighters Association
    The stigma associated with suicide makes it one of those events that is not talked about in the first responder communities.  The IAFF has worked diligently, along with locals from all across the US and Canada to help prevent these tragedies and to provide resources and counseling to assist those coping with the suicide of a member.
    IAFF Convention 2018
    08/11/18 - IAFF Local 51
    Check out this year's 100-year conference Please follow these links for more convention2018.iaff.
    Deputy Chief sworn in as Fire Marshal
    08/02/18 - IAFF Local 3609
    Family, co-workers, and friends attended the pinning ceramony of Deputy Chief Cavazos at City Hall.  Cavazos was offically sworn in as Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal for the City of Mission.  It's an honor having Deputy Chief Cavazos move up the ranks anf take on the responsibility of enforcing the fire codes to keep the community safe.
    City of Mission has new Fire Marshal
    07/30/18 - IAFF Local 3609
    Deputy Chief Cavazos was hired on January 10, 2001 as a fire fighter and shortly became an Engineer in 2005, he then was promoted to Lieutenant in 2007 where he then was transferred to Fire Prevention division and was promoted once again to Captain/Assistant Fire Marshal in 2010. Cavazos holds numerous certifications that include Advanced Fire Fighter, Hazmat Technician, Fire Officer, Instructor II, Fire Inspector, Fire Investigator, and in 2014 became a Texas Peace Officer. He now oversees the fire prevention division and currently will serve as the Fire Marshal for the City of Mission. The Fire Marshal can investigate the causes of fires and enforcing the fire code. Their training and responsibilities build upon those of fire investigators, but focus much more on the law enforcement aspect of the job. Fire prevention division consist of inspectors and investigators and is carried out by speaking to civic groups, schools, community groups, and others on the subject of fire prevention and emergency operations.
    Fire Fighters recognize citizen for saving child's life
    07/23/18 - IAFF Local 3609
    On 7/10/18 local 3609 members of Engine company #2 responded to a child choking at the 200 blk of east 6th street. Upon arriving on location a citizen was performing CPR on a 5 y/o child who went unresponsive. Today, we would like recognize Ms. Williamson for her outstanding performance and knowledge of CPR. The child's airway was cleared and her efforts revived the child.
    TCFP new rule change
    07/13/18 - IAFF Local 3609
    In the City of Mission alone we have had 6 fire fighters diagnosed with cancer which three of them in the past year. Fire departments will now have to adhere to the new rule change from TCFP (Texas Commission on fire Protection) ensuring fire fighters have clean gear to wear. There is far to many fire fighters obtaining cancer and dying from the release of toxic gases and chemicals.
    Lt. Gilbert Garcia farewell
    07/10/18 - IAFF Local 3609
    Today, we say goodbye to our colleague Gilbert “Gibby Garcia. Losing someone we love is nothing easy, we can realize that we are blessed to have been able to share in his life. After the tears have dried and the goodbyes have been said, all we have is happy memories that we’ve shared together. You will be missed brother. Gone, but never forgotten.
    Swimming Safety tips
    07/08/18 - IAFF Local 3609
    Summer is a special time for having fun in the water, yet drowning is a leading cause of unintentional deaths. Many drownings and near-drownings happen when a kid accidentally falls into a swimming pool. But accidents can happen anywhere — at someone's home or even at your own house, and that's why you need to know how to be safe around water.
    Fire Fighters mourn the loss of one of their own
    07/05/18 - IAFF Local 3609
    It is with a heavy heart the passing of our brother Gibby. Gilbert served 23 years of service and dedicated his life to his family and the citizens of Mission. He will be missed by his family & his loved ones. Rest In Peace brother.  We got it from here. Funeral arraignments are still pending
    07/03/18 - Amarillo Professional Firefighters
    GRILL FOR USE AT THE UNION HALL We now have a grill for use at the Union Hall.  This was a gift donated through the guys at #5 A shift.   This is a really nice Tec Infrared propane grill that retails for more than $2000.00.  Please take care of it so we can all get use from it.  It does not have a bottle and you will have to bring your own propane for use.
    Mission Fire Fighters ask the public to use caution
    07/03/18 - IAFF Local 3609
    Happy 4th of July! But please stay safe on America’s birthday. The July 4th holiday is already expected to attract many americans to the roads. In fact, the holiday is considered to be the deadliest part of the year. In the month around July 4th, an average of 230 people end up in emergency rooms each day with fireworks-related injuries.
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