Who We Are

TSAFF History

The Texas State Association of Fire Fighters was established in 1938 and it is Texas’s only professional, career firefighter organization, representing over 17,000 fire fighter members and 192 affiliate locals. We are affiliated with the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF).

TSAFF Mission

The TSAFF Constitution and by-laws state that: “the objectives of this Association shall be to unify Texas Professional Fire Fighters, to promote their interest, to pass legislation in their behalf, defeat legislation harmful to them, to provide necessary services to member locals and to establish the right of every Texas Professional Fire Fighter to bargain collectively and work under a contract.”

Our Constitution also states that: “This organization shall be non-partisan and shall not be used for the dissemination of partisan principles.” Considering this mandate, it is the policy of the TSAFF to support Legislators and other elected officials who listen to our needs; and, who take appropriate action which is favorable to our members – regardless of political party. The TSAFF does not get involved in issues which do not relate to your employment or benefits as fire fighters. An elected official’s vote or point of view on the rights and benefits of professional fire fighters are the only consideration used in supporting or not supporting politicians.

In addition, being bound by the International Association of Fire Fighters Constitution and by-laws, the TSAFF and the IAFF jointly exist to: “organize all full-time fire fighters; to secure just compensation for their services and equitable settlement of their grievances; to promote as safe and healthy a working environment for fire fighters and emergency medical or rescue workers as is possible through modern technology; to promote just and reasonable working conditions; to place the members on a higher plane of skill and efficiency; and to promote harmonious relations between fire fighters and their employers.”

TSAFF Operations

Every two years, delegates from over 170 locals in Texas meet at a convention to decide the goals and objectives and to elect officers of the TSAFF for the following two years. Members submit resolutions to change the constitution and by-laws or policies of the TSAFF. These ideas are debated and then voted on. The officers of the TSAFF include President John Riddle, Secretary-Treasurer Brandon Day, District 1 VP Bobby Whiteley, District 2 VP Beau Simpson, District 3 VP Aidan Alvarado, District 4 VP Mark Medrano, District 5 VP Daniel Rozier, and three Trustees, Zone A Trustee Michael Glynn, Zone B Trustee Bill Crews and Zone C Trustee Mike Silva. These individuals direct and oversee the operation of the TSAFF between conventions.

In addition to the members of the executive board, many other individuals provide services to assist the TSAFF in accomplishing its objectives. Legal Counsel is provided by Matt Bachop, our Director of Government Affairs is Glenn Deshields, our Legislative Director is Chase Fruge, our Service Director is Rafael Torres, our Assistant to the Secretary-Treasurer is Liz Wright and our office Administrative Assistant is Cindy Gonzales.

TSAFF Dues & Revenue

The dues for each member of the TSAFF are $11.24 per month. Other revenues are derived from fund-raising activities, interest on investments and registration fees for conferences and conventions.

TSAFF Facilities

The TSAFF Headquarters is located in Austin at 1106 Lavaca Street, Suite 100.

If you have any questions or just want to give us feedback, please feel free to contact us.